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F-900 Torque Seal

The manufacturer of F 900, Organic Products, has closed and there is no more inventory. Organic Products customer list was purchased by ITW Professional Brands maker of Cross Check inspection sealant. There are a few minor differences between Cross Check and F 900.


  • The shelf life of Cross Check is 2 years and the shelf life of F 900 was six months.
  • Package size. Cross Check is available in 1 oz metal tube with resealable cap. F 900 was packaged in a 1/2 oz plastic tube with replaceable cap
  • F 900 was available in pink, white, gray and black. Cross Check will have these colors available in August.
  • F 900 dries to he touch slightly faster. Cross Check will soon be available in a faster dry version

We have a large inventory of Cross Check and are offering samples to evaluate. Please contact us at 888-906-9370 for a sample.

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